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EFO Group

 Fast-growing & leading Financial InfoTrading provider in Greater China

  • Founded and managed by Masters and PHD from Univ. of Waterloo, Univ. of Toronto and Qinghua Univ. of Beijing

  • Supported by Chinese Central Government

  • HQ in Shanghai, branches in HK, Taipei, Shenzhen, Fuzhou, Beijing, Fuzhou, Xiamen and ChengDu

  • One of the largest and government approved publisher and distributor for foreign economic information in China

  • The distinguished solution provider for the unique and mutually integrated (practice and custom for both local and foreign) Multi-markets Order Routing and Market Making Platform


  The unique mission of EFO is "devising solutions for investors to excel in global investing" - deliver first-hand,
  comprehensive financial information and expedite multi-markets trading requirement at exceptional speed
  with straight through processing.

EFO looks ahead and be ahead with EFO!   Profit Everywhere with EFO!