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易汇财 InfoTrade - 外汇金融交易系统

InfoTrade is a powerful proprietary server/client application providing real time financial news and information as well as live quotes and trading Market Making Instruments such as Forex, Futures and CFD (Contract for Difference) via Internet. It runs under Microsoft® Windows®, and is easy to use via keyboard and mouse. With InfoTrade , information and trading can now be accessed anytime of the day and anywhere in the world.

InfoTrade gives your clients

·Immediate Forex Quotes from the Global Forex Market

·Real-time Currencies Futures from CME

·Stock Indices for major Exchanges

·English and Chinese Financial News service

·Constant updated Market Watch and Commentary

·Professionally Chart ing tool for technical and trend analysis

The above information and tools are similar to those used by Forex and money market dealers in the dealing room inside major banks and currencies broker houses. The difference is that now you r clients can monitor market from the luxury of their own comfortable home.

FURTHERMORE, InfoTrade provides

·Trading facilities offering live & executable quotation system

·Computerized and monitored system for Limit Orders

·On-line Alert for market price monitoring

·24 hours a day active portfolio reporting facilities

Now with InfoTrade, you r clients can see price changes as the market changes, as well as news headlines, commentaries and analysis those are right up to the minute. In addition, at their fingertip they can go in and out of the market with the best dealing price offered.

InfoTrade Forex Management System

InfoTrade is a total Forex Operation Management Systems. It is consists of A.E., Support, Dealer and Admin management structure segregating its function for effective and secured management. InfoTrade will enable Forex brokers properly serve and support their clients, swiftly generating quote requirement, accurately monitor clients' position, and outlaying facilitation and thus facilitating a risk-free and efficient management of your forex dealing operations. InfoTrade specialized features include:

·Secured Client Online Internet trading access platform with dynamic encryption techniques;

·Dynamic Assignment of Clients to A.E., Support, I.B. and Dealer teams for better and safer internal control;

·Remote access of Clients' portfolio and all activities and simultaneous update with any changes from those assigned clients;

·Group Support and Package Facilities

·I.B. special function such as QTA (Quote then Allocate)

·First Class Reference Price Feeds and Facility for generating Master Tradable Quote Feed;

·Automatic Quote with lot limitation, Monitored Quote and VIP Quote;

·4-Market Conditions: Slow, Normal , Fast and Crazy with tool to instantly shift all clients spreads accordingly; Temporary Market Shut down is also available for emergency;

·Automatic but monitored Order Placement and Fulfillment;

·Categorization and individualization of clients to facilitate tradable instruments, spreads, different charging schemes and Call Margin/Foreclosure Ratio – support both Fixed Margin Policy (FMP) and Percentage Margin Policy (PMP);

·Automatic Tracking and Monitoring for Client net equity below margin, reaching call margin and foreclosure level;

·Customizable Reporting

·Customizable and capacity to integrate with other investment vehicles such as Futures and Commodities.


Profit everywhere with EFO


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